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Increased Visibility Helps Improve Safety

Drivers rely on what they can see. Vehicles with reflective conspicuity markings provide better visual information to drivers for faster detection and more accurate decision-making. 3M vehicle conspicuity markings are now available in a strong rigid construction product for smooth and even surfaces. High quality materials provide a durable film to withstand harsh traffic environment. They are easy to apply and come with aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive that stands up to the rigors of the road.

3M 983 Red

3M Spray Mount

3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Auralite 7800 Series Engineer Grade retroreflective sheeting is an enclosed lens sheeting with clear pressure sensitive adhesive and easy release liner. 7800 Series is ideal for non-specification signage requirements such as temporary signs, off-road signage and parking lots.

7800 series meets initial requirement of a class RA 1 reflective sheeting that appear similar in daytime and at night when viewed by reflected lights.

Auralite Color Chart

Auralite Green

Auralite Blue

Auralite Orange

China Reflective Lemon Yellow

China Reflective Green

China Reflective Orange

China Reflective Red

Colour Band


3M 4950 VHB Tape

3M 468MP High Performance Adhesive Tape

3M 4082 Tape



3M IJ10-10

Avery MPI Value Film

Avery MPI 3041

Avery MPI 3000

Oracal 651

Oracal 8300 Transparent

Oracal 8100 Translucents

Oracal 651 Opaque

Glass bead reflective film with excellent printing properties, designed for advertising sign boards, lettering, markings and graphic applications. The ideal film where only the very minimum of reflectivity is needed.

Oralite 5200-50 Blue

Oralite 5200-60 Green

Oralite 5200-35 Orange

Oralite 5200-20 Yellow

Flexible Screw Post

Flexible Screw Post

White/Red Hazard Stripe Reflective Tape

Black & Yellow Reflective Hazard Stripes

Avery T-11500 Omni-Cube

Avery T-9000 Omni-View

3M Squeezee Gold

3M Squeezee Blue


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